Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank You Beckett

I finally got the new Beckett in the mail today. Is it just me or has it been getting stretched out more and more between arrival times? I guess this is to prepare us for the bi-monthly thing. There was no surprise that another Yankee graced the cover, but "Our Biggest Issue Ever" taunted me from the cover when I picked up the mail.

Inside is a profile of 588 different rookies and a listing of their 2007 cards. Call me interested. I'm flipping through the listings searching for White Sox cards. This is not an easy task, as the current team is the only one listed. The team for which the player appears on the card is up for grabs. Chris Carter should've been difficult, since he's been in three different organizations since 2007, but I'm almost certain he has not had a Diamondbacks card or an Athletics card yet. I could be wrong.

I ran across Kyle McCulloch and looked at his card listings. I thought it was a listing for his 2006 cards, when I looked up his Bowman Sterling card on a whim. It was 2007. That wasn't in my review. I didn't see that on the website listed under White Sox for the team. Lo and behold, there it was staring me in the face. I will adjust my original review to include this great discovery.

But Beckett still had one last surprise in store. Adam Ricks. He only has one card, but I had missed it. A Bowman Chrome Prospects card. The name rings a bell, but I can't place it. He's projected to be at either AA or AAA this year. He doubles as a third baseman and a catcher.

So thank you Beckett for finding these gems for me. I may have completely overlooked them, if not for your staff. I'll be studying this issue further to see if I can find any other hidden treasures that I may have skimmed over before.


dayf said...

Cool, the rookie issue is out? That's one of the few I make sure I get every year.

Steve Gierman said...

Complete with the 2007 Rookie Card Roldex.

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