Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Acts Of Kindness

A reader from Missouri recently pointed out a glaring error in one of my posts. I decided to reward this eagle-eye effort with some White Sox cards. Reader hardcle e-mailed me back and told me that I didn't have to send anything, but if I wanted to, there was no objection from him.

Well, I decided to follow through and send some cards his way. Think of them as a token of my appreciation. For readers who think they can point out mistakes and get cards, think again. From time to time, I may reward readers who point out stuff like that, but that will be totally at random. Don't let that discourage you from pointing them out though. I appreciate every one of them, in their own way. It helps me to bring a better blog to the masses.

Hardcle will be receiving:
2006 Topps Opening Day - Mark Buehrle
2006 Fleer Tradition - Paul Konerko
2006 Fleer Tradition - Jim Thome

These are all doubles from a trade that I received recently. I believe in passing on the love of White Sox baseball, so to the original owner of these cards, please don't take offense. They are going to a good home for a good cause.

I'm sending the Mark Buehrle, since he's a Missouri resident. I thought it was appropriate. Plus, who wouldn't want a Buehrle? The guy is nothing but fun and a staff ace. I'm also sending the two most feared sluggers in the White Sox lineup. Who wouldn't want these guys on their team?

Thanks hardcle! Enjoy your cards!

1 comment:

hardcle said...

You're welcome! I'm sure I will.

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