Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Proof Is In The Pitching (That's Leaving)

Lately, I've heard a lot about the White Sox farm system being gutted in order to bring someone with major league experience to the team. That's pretty much true, but what are we really losing? Truth be told, not a hell of a lot. I couldn't even find a card for some of the minor league pitching names that have been thrown in deals.

Scott Reifert, the White Sox vice president of communications, has a blog about the White Sox called "Inside the White Sox". It gives an insiders perspective to happenings inside the Sox organization. It's definitely worth a look. Scott chimed in on all the uproar about minor league pitching going to other clubs this off-season.

Here's a list, by year, of minor league pitching that has been included in deals the White Sox have made since 2000.

Mark Roberts
Brian Schmack
Aaron Myette

Gary Majewski
Mike Williams
Orlando Rodriguez
Andre Simpson
Matt Dewitt
Derek Hasselhoff
Daniel Mozingo
Josh Fogg

Matt Guerrier
Joe Valentine

Eddi Candelario
Jason Aspito
Delvis Lantigua
Edwin Almonte
Royce Ring
Frankie Francisco
Josh Rupe
Tim Bittner
Scott Dunn
Jake Meyer

Ryan Meaux
Daniel Haigwood
Gio Gonzalez

Jeff Bajenaru
Javier Lopez
B.J. LaMura
Daniel Cortes
Tyler Lumsden

Dwayne Pollock

Gio Gonzalez
Fautino De Los Santos

Do you notice something? Besides Josh Fogg, do you see anyone who has consistently made a major league roster? I don't either. At least no other name sticks out. Most of these guys, I couldn't find a single baseball card on Beckett. Not even a minor league card listing. Some of these players were highly regarded when they left the Sox organization in trades.

We, as fans, sometimes get too caught up in the moment about these unproven pitching prospects because of rankings. Mark Buehrle, the current Sox ace, was drafted in the 38th round of the 1998 draft. He was on no one's radar until he made the majors. Now, I can't think of a single team that wouldn't want him on their roster.

Let's not get caught up in the hype of some of these rankings. These players that get thrown in deals have proven nothing at the major league level. Less than 1% of all minor leaguers ever make it to a major league game. Let's remember that the next time a highly regarded prospect is traded away. They were probably traded for a reason, not a whim.

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