Monday, January 14, 2008

2006 SP Legendary Cuts

I love this set! This was one of the first boxes I bought when I get back into this hobby early last year. I initially baled at the price of the box, but I came away impressed. These are nice cards. They are even better than 2007's version, in my opinion.

The design is bright and unique, but still feels like the subjects should be on it. It flows perfectly with the subject matter. The player selection is nearly flawless. It balances the right mix of forgotten players and superstars of every era. Until late 2007, I kept finding more White Sox cards in this set. I thought I had the set completed, until I ran across a card on eBay and did a double take. That happened once more along the way.

With retired players that played for more than one team, sometimes the team you expect them to be on doesn't pan out. I think that's great! That's how these sets should be. They should keep the collector on their toes and help them study the history of the game.

The White Sox have a whopping 9 cards in a set like this. They are not the usual lineup either. Someone did their homework with this release and I'm grateful.
  • 55 - Charlie Robertson
  • 56 - Harold Baines
  • 57 - Luis Aparicio
  • 58 - Luke Appling
  • 59 - Nellie Fox
  • 60 - Ray Schalk
  • 61 - Red Faber
  • 62 - Sloppy Thurston
  • 64 - Vern Kennedy

They have the usual suspects in the set, but there's so much more. The first card that tripped me up was Charlie Robertson. I glossed right over the name and never made the connection. When I saw the card it was like a slap in the face. The final card that threw me was Vern Kennedy. It wasn't so much the name, it was the numbering. The player on card 63 was on the Giants, so I didn't think much of card 64. This will teach me to pay attention.

If I collected sets instead of just White Sox cards, I would finish this set. I am that impressed with it. This was the right set, at the right time, to get me back into collecting for good.

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