Friday, January 25, 2008

Trading With Gem Mint Genius

Fred Sarra has a simple mission. He wants to complete his 2007 Allen & Ginter mini set. He doesn't care what kind of back the card has, he just wants to complete his set. If you can, help him out. He had cards that I needed, so I'm sure he'll have something you need.

I perused his want list and went through my Allen & Ginter mini cards and found a few that he needed. I e-mailed Fred with a proposal of these mini cards for whatever White Sox cards he was willing to spare. He e-mailed back with an offer and I pulled the trigger.

If you haven't visited Gem Mint Genius, give it a once over, you won't be disappointed. Fred has some great stuff over there. Before you wander over there, take a look at what we traded.

What I got:

2007 SP Legendary Cuts #20 - Luis Aparicio
2007 SP Rookie Edition #197 - John Danks, #202 - Andy Gonzalez, #266 - Gustavo Molina
2007 Topps Update Red Back #72 - Darin Erstad, #73 - Boone Logan

What Fred got:

2007 Allen & Ginter Mini #25 - Jay Payton, #73 A&G back - Nick Punto, #187 - Russell Martin, #298 - Harry S. Truman, #332 - Tom Glavine

I'm certainly happy with the trade. I got closer to finishing a few of those pesky team sets. I hope Fred is happy with his cards. It got him a little bit closer to his goal.

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