Tuesday, January 22, 2008

#48 - Ralph Garr

Number 48 belongs to Ralph Garr, the Roadrunner. He played for the White Sox from 1976 until September 1979. His first two seasons with the Sox found Ralph batting exactly .300. His third year dipped to .275 and his final year saw him hit .280 with the Sox.

Ralph had the ability to hit to all fields. The opposition never could get a handle on how to play Ralph because of that gift. He was also a pretty decent threat on the base paths, finishing in the top 10 in stolen bases multiple times in his career.

Ralph was part of the magical 1977 season, where he had 163 hits, 10 home runs and a .300 average. The Sox fell short that season, but gave the fans a much needed jolt.

With company like Jose DeLeon and Todd Ritchie at number 48, Ralph Garr certainly stand out as the best member of the White Sox at this number. Will anyone ever usurp Ralph from this position? Only time will tell.

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