Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sox Or No Sox: 1-20-08

Welcome to another edition of Sox Or No Sox!

So far, we have not seen one single White Sox card. The luck is bound to change soon. I mean, it’s the law of averages, right?

Today we have chosen a very difficult pack, TriStar Prospects Plus. There are only two total White Sox cards in the set and the subsets. We are looking for the elusive Aaron Poreda. He is featured in the base set with one card and in a subset with one autographed card. Can we find him? Let’s hope so! There are 6 cards in the pack. You know how to play, let’s begin!

#1: Ben Revere - 43 – GCL Twins (Twins)
Says here he was named 2007 Kentucky Mr. Baseball and the 2007 Gatorade Kentucky High School Player of the Year. I’m guessing he’s from Kentucky.

#2: Kyle Lotzkar - 13 – GCL Reds (Reds)
He was the second Canadian selected in the 2007 draft, after Phillipe Aumont. It also says he has fluid arm action. Plus, that’s an interesting last name.

#3: Scott Elbert – Protential - PT-SE – Jacksonville Suns (Dodgers)
An insert card. It certainly looks different than the rest of the cards. Scott is a southpaw. That means he’ll most likely make a major league roster, even if his stuff isn’t very good. He was also a star running back before he focused on baseball. Sounds like half the picks in every draft with the multi-sport angle.

Halfway through the pack and no White Sox cards. Surprise, surprise. There looks to be some great potential here for major league players, but potential doesn’t always translate into success. No one that I’ve really heard of before, but who knows in a few years. Can we find the White Sox player? I’m guessing that we won’t find an autograph card, so let’s hope we find the base card.

#4: Corey Brown - 23 – Canadians (Athletics)
Corey was named Big 12 Freshman of the Year in 2005. He was one of 11 Oklahoma State players selected in the 2007 draft. Must be something in the water.

#5: Neil Ramirez - 12 – Draft Pick (Rangers)
He was selected 44th overall and has an effortless delivery and good command of his pitches. Sounds like Mark Buehrle, only selected much, much higher.

#6: Brad Suttle - 89 – GCL Yankees (Yankees)
I’ve heard of him for some reason, but I don’t know why. He was a first-team Freshman All-American in 2006.

Interesting card selection. No one that jumped out at me though and no White Sox minor leaguers. No trap cards either, which is nice. No autographs, that hurt. No mirrored inserts. Thank you Tristar! ½ point for each card and nothing else.

Final score: 3 points

No White Sox cards in this game, but there's always next time on Sox Or No Sox.


Bay Rat North West said...

You must be dancing on the ceiling or feel like yu are on cloud 9 after pulling that Kyle Lotzkar. You have to be the luckiest guy alive!

Steve Gierman said...

He's described as a Ted Lilly type top-of-the-order guy a few years away from Cincy by Beckett. If you would like the card, think of a trade involving a White Sox card.

I feel lucky with any card I get, but not as lucky as when I pull a White Sox card.

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