Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shingo Returns To Chicago

After a two year absence from the major leagues, it looks like Shingo Takatsu may return. Not with the White Sox, but the Cubs. Shingo was lights out in 2004, when he first came to the major leagues. The beginning of the 2005 season began with two tough luck blown saves that seemed to take a toll on Shingo.

He was released by the White Sox on August 1, 2005. The Mets signed him and he played in 9 games for them. He did fairly well, but didn't catch on anywhere else. He returned to Japanese baseball on recorded his 300th overall save, combining Japanese and Major League totals.

Shingo did receive a World Series ring for 2005, even though he wasn't on the roster or even in the White Sox system at the time of the World Series. Hopefully, Shingo can return to form with the Cubs. There is a special place for most ex-White Sox players, even if they are on the Cubs.

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