Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007 Bowman Sterling

Yet another pack of cards that I will never be able to afford unless I become filthy rich. Somehow, I don't see this happening too soon. So, being a crafty collector, I will scour eBay or hope someone will trade me these cards. Preferably, someone with either deep pockets or a kind heart, who will potentially take less value. Possibly both.

These cards look great! Since I do not have them on hand I can only assume that they have similar qualities to Topps Finest. They look like a sister product, so I'll assume until I'm told otherwise. I think it's a fairly accurate assumption though.

The White Sox fair pretty well in this set. Six total cards and six parallel rainbow refractors. Not too shabby. Let's check out the list.

  • BS-JD - John Danks (Base Card Autograph)
  • BS-JDF - Josh Fields (Base Card)
  • BS-RS - Ryan Sweeney (Base Card)
  • BSP-AP - Aaron Poreda (Prospect Insert Autograph)
  • BSP-CC - Chris Carter (Prospect)
  • BSP-KM - Kyle McCulloch (Prospect Insert Autograph)

Well, Cunningham, Carter and Sweeney are gone. They are playing in the Diamondbacks and Athletics organizations right now. Cunningham has actually played in both since he was traded by the White Sox. I haven't actually seen a picture of Cunningham's card, so he may not be listed on the White Sox anymore, even though he's listed on the White Sox in the checklist on the Topps web site.

Danks and Fields have played for the parent club already with success and Poreda was the #1 draft pick for the Sox in the 2007 draft. Not a bad selection of players. This may be an outstanding selection of players five years from now.

I wish I had a much better paying job, so I can buy packs like this without any thought. I'd love to open up a few packs of this set, but no matter if I can afford it or not, I think I'd be disappointed overall. Not at the product, but at the price. The product is great, but I think I'll stick to eBay and other sources to get what I actually want from this release.

***UPDATE 1-17-08***
I found a card of Kyle McCulloch in this set that I previously did not see listed. It just goes to show that a new set is never completed until you've seen every card in person. The review has been adjusted accordingly.

***UPDATE 1-18-08***
Getting a good look at the Aaron Cunningham card, he is in a Diamondbacks uniform. So the cards are back down to six. The checklist has been changed accordingly. Geez, another one that the Topps site got wrong.


Wax Heaven said...

It's not completely out of my range but for the amount of cards you get it is.

I can do as much as $300 every two weeks but only if I get more than enough cards. You will NEVER see me pay that much for 3-5 cards or whatever these crazy prices go for.

Wax Heaven said...

I should probably mention that if I buy more than 1 box per paycheck I get nagged to death by Tatiana.


Steve Gierman said...

I will have the same lovely problem this year or the next.

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