Friday, April 25, 2008

Card Spotlight: 4-25-08

1990 Score #694 - Bobby Thigpen (Dream Team)

The 1990 Score set was loud and reeked of primary colors. Against all that eye-bleeding color, came this homage to tobacco cards called the Dream Team.

While the Dream Team subsets would get more arty in later years, this original set got everything right. This card felt like I was travelling back in time. The look and feel of the Dream Team cards juxtaposed the rest of the set perfectly.

After the circus lights of the main set, it was nice to relax the senses and calm yourself with the subtle beauty of these cards. The washed out, yet vibrant colors were a real treat in 1990. Retro sets were not yet the rage, so this was as close to a historical card as a kid could get without it being a reprint.

While there are a multitude of great Bobby Thigpen cards, this has to be in my top five. It might actually be my favorite. The fact that this card came out during Bobby's finest season and in the middle of a White Sox resurgence, makes this a perfect storm of a card. Bobby would have some great regular cards, a few great cards depicting his single season save record and a few awesome oddball cards, but this is probably his best overall card.


Dinged Corners said...

Wonderful post, and that is a very nice card.

Dinged Corners said...

PS What are your four lesser-but-favorite Thigpen cards?

Steve Gierman said...

In no particular order:

1989 Fleer Heroes Of Baseball
1990 US Playing Cards All-Stars #9C
1991 Post Canadian #25
1991 Score #418

These cards either represent an oddity or a memorable card from my youth.

mmosley said...

What about the 90 or 91 Upper Deck SaveMaster card?

Steve Gierman said...

That would probably go in at #6. The 1989 Fleer Heroes Of Baseball knocked that card out of the top 5 soley based on how Bobby looks in the photo.

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