Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Card #14

An early form of swagger was shown in this card. During the worst of seasons, Steve Lyons always looked like he could sell you a car with square wheels. He always seemed to have that much confidence.

"Yeah, I was traded for a Hall of Fame pitcher. I'm that good!"

That's a lot of attitude for someone who never hit over .280 in a season. He had reason to have that type of attitude. The ladies loved him. You could almost see the thoughts forming in his head about dropping his pants in a few years.

"I can play all nine positions. I'm the best utility player ever! I'm going to show the ladies what I'm made of someday. They'll see!"

The White Sox seem to be a breeding ground for unique personalities. That's fine by me. It makes the game more interesting. I'll never forget that July 1990 game in Detroit where Steve showed the ladies exactly what he was made of.


Dinged Corners said...

He did seem to have a little Matthew McGonaghy (sp) going on.

Steve Gierman said...

Now that you mention that, he does! Nice catch.

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